Assignments are out!

Apr. 18th, 2019 02:30 pm
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A little late again this year, but assignments are out! Sorry for the wait. Writers, please check your inboxes (and, god forbid, your spam folders) for a message from Nino Mod. If you've received your assignment and it looks like you've got something you can work with, great! Hopefully that applies to everyone. If you didn't receive an e-mail, or you did receive it and it looks like you really, really can't do your assignment justice, please e-mail me ASAP and I'll see what adjustments can be made.

Else, if you want clarification (either from your recipient or from me), just shoot me a message and I shall facilitate!

Hope you're all excited for another great year of Ninofic. I'll be checking in regularly on our way to the deadline (June 10th), but feel free to hit me up if you need anything before then, on whatever channel works best for you.

Happy writing! :D.

Wreaking Havoc

Apr. 18th, 2019 10:10 am
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Title: Wreaking Havoc

Pairing: Sakuraiba, Ohba, Sakumoto, (kind of)

Rating: G

Genre: Fluff, au

Summary: Jun finally gets a new roommate when Ohno seems to be a perfect fit, even if he does bring an unexpected pet with him. Little does Jun know that it might just turn out to be a recipe for chaos.

Notes: I don't quite know how, but this drabble ended up being mostly Sakuraiba. The pets are definitely taking control of these fics. Their poor owners don't stand a chance.

Read it here at DW,
Or LJ, Or here at AO3
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Title: Nino's purrfect little Kingdom
Fandom: Arashi
Pairing: Junba, kind of Sakumiya-ish? You should first and foremost count this as OT5-family-ish though, I think :)
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Sho, Nino and Satoshi are Aiba and Jun's pets. Literally. This might be a little silly. Or too serious for what it should be. Anyways, I hope you at least find it cute somehow.

Genre: fluff, slice of life, slight romance, family fluff, humour

Summary: Aiba and Jun are living together in a happy relationship. Aiba has a dog, Jun has a turtle and actually, they agreed that two pets were enough for them. That's until one day, Aiba brings a soaking wet kitten back home and their dog immediately falls in love with the cute little rascal.

Also known as "The one in which Jun thought he's the king but actually it's the pets ruling the place".

To clear a bit of confusion in advance, let me explain *clears throat*. This is so to say the "origin story" of this little family, based on some very amusing prompts on twitter, started by the lovelies AJ-chan (@ajandrea_mtp), Day-chan (@kasanaruphrase) and Windy-chan (@windy_salto) who keep feeding me with ideas and made sure I stay inspired (and will be responsible if I die from laughter within the next few months, just you all know lol). Apparently, someone came up with the idea to associate Sho with a big friendly dog and Nino with a snarky cat and then... things got a little out of hand? (*I'm looking at all three of you lol* XD). Special thanks also to Misaiba (@misaiba) and Lyn-chan (@lynsagiura72) for jumping on the train and joining our party lol. #turtletaxi!

Also, big thanks as always to my betas jtaytt and kittykaty!

Read on AO3 and please make sure to check the notes!

Nino's Purrfect Little Kingdom

♥ Sky


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